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Kentwood store offers popular wedding fashion | Arts & Culture

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Kentwood store offers popular wedding fashion

KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM) -- The royal wedding happening later this month between England's Prince William and Fiancée Kate Middleton has captured the attention of people around the globe. As their big day gets closer speculation about who will design Kate's dress and what it will look like gets bigger.

Even though Kate is keeping that little secret well under wraps, the future princess is already inspiring other brides on their big day.

"There is a heightened awareness and a heightened thought about the fact that this wedding is coming up," said Jenna Weisman, store manager for Alfred Angelo Bridal in Kentwood. "I think it does bleed in. I think girls are definitely thinking gosh i would love to be a princess. I would love to have all that."

For a bride, few things are more important than having the perfect dress on her wedding day. Weisman says it's a day most women start dreaming of as little girls. Now many of those brides find themselves, and their fashion choices, influenced by Kate Middleton's fairy tale romance.

Weisman says the princess style dress has always been popular but the trend is especially hot right now.

"Girls want to be princesses and that has been going on for a long time I think it's the fantasy part of it," said Weisman. "I mean we are raised with the notion of princesses, especially that tie in with Disney and the stories and the movies and all of those things. We are raised with wearing the little dress up and the shoes and you know and it carries over and becomes that felling of being magical."

Alfred Angelo has partnered with Disney to design a collection of gowns that are part of the "Princess Fairy Tale Weddings" Line.

Weisman says brides are going for the big ball-gown skirts, fitted bodices, extravagant beading, cathedral veils and of course sparkling tiaras.

Weisman thinks "the ones who choose the princess dresses there is something that is, this idea of what I always dreamed of. This idea of here I am and I am the princess and how often in your life are you going to be able to actually wear the tiara and wear the beautiful huge princess gown. So I think definitely there is this moment of wow, here is this moment that I probably am never going to be able to have again and it is special and it is magical."

The Alfred Angelo collection features gowns inspired by our favorite princesses: Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Arielle, Jasmine, and Tiana.

"I think there is a lot of sentimental attachment to these stories and I think I think there were raised with these stories. And I just think that romantic, you know your prince coming and in a way that is really what happens. when you find the right person it is your prince coming and so I think that all ties into it," said Weisman.

Soon-to-be real-life princess, Kate Middleton and her story is also one that resonates with and has has captured the attention of women. The beautiful young woman who meets and falls in love with the dashing prince as they plan to live happily ever after. In many cases it is influencing their decision to go for the princess look on their own wedding day.

Weisman says the princess popularity has been heightened by the pending royal nuptials and while her brides aren't destined to be royal like Kate Middleton they can be princess for a day.

Alfred Angelo will add a new princess gown to it's collection later this year. Rapunzel will be the 8th gown added to the collection and she will be coronated this fall in England.  The store is located at 3763 28th Street SE.