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The Indecisive Night Out: How I learned to try something new

The Indecisive Night Out:  How I learned to try something new

How many of you had this conversation?  "Where do you want to go to eat?  I don't know you pick? No, I asked you.  Well, what are you in the mood for?  I don't know.  Bahh."  In my family this happens a lot.  It also means we end up eating at the same restaurant without really trying something new.  I have a solution that will let you pick a place to eat that can also be quite fun.  It is called the "Random Number Game." 

Bored? Play board games... Just not Monopoly

Bored?  Play board games... Just not Monopoly

It's a bright spring day the sun is out.  The birds are chirping and you are suffering from the most unusual of human emotions... boredom.  You know, that interesting human invention that says,  "despite the fact that I am surrounded by the infinite universe of infinite possibilities I manage to look around and go... meh."  Well never fear because a good spring day is the perfect time to break out the board games.  Many of you may be thinking, "board games more like bored games."  Yes yes you are clever for coming up with that pun all yourself, but I want you to stop and rethink.

Why Read Books When You Can Listen To Them

Why Read Books When You Can Listen To Them

I have read more books in the last year than I ever have... what my wife is interjecting.  Hold on.  -- What do you mean listening to books is not reading them?  Really... you want me to go back and change the first sentence.  I honestly think the people reading this won't care. Okay.. maybe English majors will care, but really who cares about English majors. --  Ouch! --  Fine Fine I will change it, and yes I took out the garbage.  No I will fix that later.  -- Ok I am back.

Kentwood store offers popular wedding fashion

KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM) -- The royal wedding happening later this month between England's Prince William and Fiancée Kate Middleton has captured the attention of people around the globe. As their big day gets closer speculation about who will design Kate's dress and what it will look like gets bigger.

Even though Kate is keeping that little secret well under wraps, the future princess is already inspiring other brides on their big day.

"There is a heightened awareness and a heightened thought about the fact that this wedding is coming up," said Jenna Weisman, store manager for Alfred Angelo Bridal in Kentwood. "I think it does bleed in. I think girls are definitely thinking gosh i would love to be a princess. I would love to have all that."

For a bride, few things are more important than having the perfect dress on her wedding day. Weisman says it's a day most women start dreaming of as little girls.

The Art of the Ordinary: The Artist Next Door

The Art of the Ordinary:  The Artist Next Door

Art has been a popular topic these days since Art Prize has become a household name in Grand Rapids, but the local artist hobbyist has always been among us. These are the people that draw for the sake of drawing and love the art of creating. They don't seek recognition but just want to hone their craft. It could be a neighbor who you had no idea can do a spot on Van Gogh recreation, the co-worker who makes wood blocks prints in their free time, or the spouse who draws whatever they see.  That isn't to say they wouldn't love to have their pieces shown in some gallery, or sell art for thousands of dollars - they just don't expect it and don't care. It is like the people that gather for a quick game of basketball knowing they'll never be pro athletes.  They simply play for the joy of it. If you find yourself in need of a new hobby or want to know more about your art craft in Grand Rapids and Kentwood, there are a lot of things you can to do...

Performance of Hairspray Musical a Big Hit at East Kentwood High School

Performance of Hairspray Musical a Big Hit at East Kentwood High School

The students of East Kentwood High School pulled off three brilliant performances of the Broadway Musical Hairspray last weekend.  The cast consisted of over 80 students plus a pit orchestra.  It was a high energy show filled with some amazing singing and dancing.   All three performances received a much deserved standing ovation.  Congratulations to the cast and crew on a job well done!

Photos courtesy of www.swobodapics.com.

Kentwood Public Schools Fine Arts Festival

KENTWOOD, Mich. - Kentwood Public Schools will host its 2011 Fine Arts Festival on April 25, 27 and 29.

The festival will include musical performances, theatrical acts, art exhibitions and much more.

Visit http://kentwoodps.org for additional information.