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Lawn Care: How I learned to avoid cutting grass.

Lawn Care:  How I learned to avoid cutting grass.

Winter has shuffled off its mortal coil and nature's white dandruff has melted, but as I sit here looking at my lawn I am finding myself nostalgic for a simpler time... a time when I didn't have to worry about cutting my lawn because it was covered with snow.   You know 1 month ago.  So as I sit here I wonder what are my options.  Do I have to cut my grass?  Besides getting my neighbors upset that I let my grass turn into a rain forest do I have to?  Well a visit to the City of Kentwood went as follows:

ME:  I don't want to cut my grass as I feel nature intended the grass to grow.

KENTWOOD:  "With some exceptions, such as on undeveloped lots, lots must be mowed and may not have growth over six (6) inches in height.  Lots must be landscaped with grass."  

ME:  So... what happens if I don't.

KENTWOOD:  We cut it for you and charge you.