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KPS - ArtPrize Entrants

From: http://www.kentwoodps.org/

ArtPrize has begun and the KPS family has several entries.  Below is a list with information that has been submitted to me.   It's a perfect weekend to head downtown and take a look.  I'll keep adding to the list should any other entries come to my attention.

John Becker, former 78'er coach,  husband of Julie Becker (Discovery 5th grade teacher), and Kentwood parent.
http://www.artprize.org/Search-2aspx?item=0&keys=John Becker

David Huang, 1989 EKHS graduate, professional artist, nationally recognized sculptor

David Prindle, former KPS student, son of Cheryl Prindle (EKHS teacher)

Can't do a float for the 2010 Santa Parade?

From: http://www.southkent.org

Employees with Santa hats can march with YOUR company banner and pass treats to the kids and flyers and brochures to the parents.

Our 2009 parade had more than 50 entries. Kids, parents and grandparents attended from all over Kent County. Some of them may have been your customers or potential customers. The crowd gets bigger every year as the community begins to look forward to this annual event. It's fast becoming a family holiday tradition in the Wyoming and Kentwood Communities.

Many Chamber Member businesses are already becoming annual fixtures in the parade and the spectators look for them to go by. Don't miss this opportunity to brand your business.

Don't miss this fun and unique community marketing opportunity. How will your business help us welcome Santa and the Holiday Shopping season?

Kentwood PD accepts expired prescription drugs for disposal

From: http://www.ci.kentwood.mi.us/

Prescription drugs are the second most abused category of drugs, often by teenagers who find them in their family medicine cabinet. Further, expired prescription drugs are often flushed into our water table through the sewer system. The Kentwood Police Department is cooperating with other area police and water departments to provide a drop off location for disposal of prescription controlled substances. A drop box is located in the lobby of the Kentwood Police Department, 4742 Walma Ave SE, for anonymous disposal of expired or unwanted prescription controlled substances. Other drugs may be accepted for disposal at many area pharmacies. Do not leave unwanted or expired prescriptions in your home where they may be accidentally ingested or intentionally consumed improperly. If depositing prescription containers, please blacken-out personal information.

East Kentwood High School - College Visitations

From: http://www.kentwoodps.org

Seniors and Juniors wishing to attend short college visit meetings should sign up in the EKHS Guidance office throughout the year; primarily this Fall. Based on college admissions criteria and student GPA's, we may find it necessary to make decisions on who attends the college visits. Please visit the college web sites to match your aptitudes, abilities, and interests with schools and their admission criteria and programs.

The following list is as of 9-20-10 and will change periodically.

Local man organizes coffee bean drive to support U.S. soldiers

KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM)- A Kentwood man says soldiers in Afghanistan are in need of a good cup of joe.  That's why he's organized Operation Coffee Bean on Facebook. 

Mark Curtis is collecting vacuum packed coffee beans at his home.  He says a friend in the air force, who was deployed in Afghanistan, came up with the idea.  "It's the one thing.  And you know, just like you or I, to get through the day, a little caffeine is good to help you stay sharp.  So the same thing for them.  You know, they need to be on their toes," says Curtis.

Eleanor Adams deployed overseas.  She says, "It's a big thing.  And one of our things in the Army is 'stay awake, stay alive.'  That's a big thing."

East Kentwood Marching Band in Premier Performance with New Uniforms

The East Kentwood Marching Band showed off their new marching band uniforms for the first time at the football game Friday night, September 10th.

Kentwood man needs home for 9/11 memorabilia

KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM) - A retired soldier in Kentwood is determined to make sure people remember 9/11.

Over the past nine years, 53-year-old James Kristan has collected enough 9/11 memorabilia to fill a warehouse.

"It's everything from magazines, newspapers, music," says Kristan. "Here is drywall from the World Trade Center that was recovered from a bus," he says, pointing to debris in a plastic bag.

Kristan says he started his collecting shortly after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

"Like everyone else I was very angry," he says. "But very quickly that anger turned into a mission."

Kristan has a garden shaped like Manhattan in his front yard with what he calls a 9/11 healing tree.  His pickup truck has a custom paint job that shows the two towers on fire.  He even has a World Trade Center tattoo on his upper arm.

"It's just how deeply I felt about the tragic events," he says.