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Breton Avenue Closed July 6th - August 24th

Breton Avenue Closed July 6th - August 24th

Breton Avenue construction will require its closure at Walma Avenue starting this Friday (July 6th) until August 24th.  City Hall and the Library will still be accessible from Walma using the northern City Hall driveway.  We plan to monitor the “cut through” traffic which may prompt further traffic controls which we will communicate if they are needed.

Visit http://www.ci.kentwood.mi.us for additional information.

Free Lunch Friday

Free Lunch Friday

Car enthusiasts and friends are invited to visit the GR Auto Gallery at 3851 Model Ct. SE in Kentwood every Friday through the summer for a free lunch. While experiencing a delectable lunch by Two Chives Catering from 11:30am-1:30pm, take the opportunity to see some high-end cars inside their 30,000 square foot showroom where 150 classic, exotic and rare vehicles are housed.  Go to www.grautogallery.com or  call - (616)855-6600 for GR Auto Gallery details.                                       

13OYS - Tell us about the potholes in your neighborhood

13OYS - Tell us about the potholes in your neighborhood

As the winter turns to spring, more and more potholes start to appear throughout West Michigan. We would like you to tell us where the worst potholes can be found.

If you've come across a really bad pothole in your neighborhood, please leave a comment below to let us know where we can find it.

Also, if you can safely get a photo, email those to pics@wzzm13.com along with your name, phone number, and location where the photo was taken.

As comments and photos come in, WZZM13 will publicize the worst of the worst in an effort to get them fixed as quickly as possible.

Ford Airport Expands Hearing Loop System

Ford Airport Expands Hearing Loop System

Contributed by the Gerald R. Ford International Airport
By: Bruce Schedlbauer

Gerald R. Ford International Airport officials have announced the expansion of the hearing loop system installation at the airport. This system enables individuals with telecoil (T-coil)-equipped hearing devices to have public address system announcements transmitted directly to their hearing aids. This assistive listening service is available on both airport concourses, at all airline gates and holdroom areas, and now in the airport’s Grand Hall.

"We are delighted to offer this service to our customers who use assistive hearing devices," said acting executive director Phil Johnson. "By the direct transmission of gate and flight announcements to T-coil-equipped hearing aids, this hearing loop system significantly enhances the airport experience for the thousands of our customers who have experienced hearing loss.

The Snow Plow Roadeo


The City of Kentwood hosted the 2011 Midwest Michigan Snow Plow Roadeo. This year there were 52 participants that made 26 teams of two.


A snow plow Roadeo is a test of driving skills through an obstacle course. Points and time are kept during the course and the team with the highest total is declared the winner.

The obstacle course is laid out with cones and barrels to challenge the driver’s ability to operate a plow truck through stations that simulate maneuvering around parked cars, inside and outside curves, diminishing clearance, offset intersections, serpentine areas, and backing into a loading dock.


Our Road Commission participants did very well at the competition.

Seasonal Parking Rules

From: http://www.ci.kentwood.mi.us/

It hardly seems possible, especially since the summer has been hotter than usual, but it’s true, winter is, right around the corner! With winter comes off street parking in the City of Kentwood.

From November 15th, 1:00am through March 15th 8:00 am, you may not park on the city streets in Kentwood. To do so could mean a $20.00 parking ticket. It is during these hours, when most of us are still slumbering that snow removal trucks plow our city streets.

Please remember to tell your overnight guests of the parking rules. I am sorry to inform you, but the parking rule applies whether it snows or not!

Unusual vehicles at the 28th Street Metro Cruise

Unusual vehicles at the 28th Street Metro Cruise

The most unusual vehicles I found at the 28th Street Metro Cruise this year are an odd couple.  One is tiny single-seater, and the other is a huge traveling show.

BMW Isetta:

The vintage BMW Isetta microcar is nicknamed the “rolling egg”.  These cars have a one-cylinder BMW motorcycle engine with a 4-speed transmission.  The top speed is between 53 and 55 mph and they can get 63 miles per gallon.  In 1958, you could buy one for $1,093.  The Isetta caused a sensation when it was introduced to the motoring press in November 1953 because of its unique appearance.  The small, egg-shaped car, with bubble-type windows, has one door which is hinged to the front of the car.  This Isetta was on display at the 28th Street Metro Cruise in the Sears parking lot on Saturday.

GM Futurliner:

GM Futurliner #10 was on display at Harvey Cadillac over the weekend.  This Futur